"I have Daily Blocks both at home and work. The Daily Blocks in my office remind me take a short break, get up from my desk and take a walk outside or even inside the building (depending on the weather). I find myself mentally prioritizing tasks needing completion and return more energized and productive. I keep Daily Blocks at home in the living room by the TV to motivate me to exercise. Each different color block represents a focus area or activity (i.e. arm exercises, legs, abs, stretching, walking the dog etc.). I placed hand weights in the living room too for use while I watch TV or listen to music. Daily Blocks are small, colorful, simple visual cues that really work!"

Linda N.

"I want to thank you for the blocks. They come in so handy when I do my leg lifts. I just put them next to me to help me keep track."

Marge M.