Daily Blocks

Have you ever put something in your way to help you get a task done?

Maybe you've put medication on the kitchen counter or outgoing mail by the front door. It catches your eye and moves you to act.

Daily Blocks use the same principle. You put them somewhere obtrusive to help you take action. When you link them with daily tasks, they become a reminder, tracking, and reward system all in one.

Think of them as colorful but powerful tools to get things done!

The Method

1. Start with a collection of colored counting blocks. One- by one-inch blocks are a good size. They're big enough to get your attention, but small enough to move easily or to pack for travel.

2. Assign each block a daily task. The best tasks will have a clear beginning and end. Ten minutes of meditation, a 30-minute walk, or 20 push-ups would all be good target tasks.

3. Place the blocks in a conspicuous place. This should be somewhere they're slightly in the way – on your desk, on the kitchen counter, or on a prominent shelf in your office. Ideally, you'll be able to see them clearly, and you'll notice them often throughout the day.

4. When you complete a task, remove the associated block. Be sure to savor your accomplishment and the satisfaction of clearing something out of the way.

Try to do all of the blocks every day. When you miss a few, focus on the blocks you did get done. Even if you do only one, you're ahead of the game!

Stay positive, and use that attitude to try again the next day.

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